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Gerber Products Company is an American purveyor of baby food and baby products headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, with plans to relocate to Arlington, Virginia. Gerber is a subsidiary of Nestlé.

A former employee said in a review: "Working at Nestle (Gerber Products Company) means working more than the hours established in your contract and the work is underpaid. Stated at 4 am and worked an average of 55 hours a week, no overtime was on commission.Iif there was a problem on your day off you were required to take care of it".


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General Manager (Former Employee) says

"There is no support or understanding from upper management, IT, or any leadership to help run the location. Company is big on reprimanding without instruction. Huge revolving door company amazing they are still open.This is a poorly recognized company in the collision industry. Recommend you stay as far far away as possible. Absolutely noneEverything"

Sander Buffer (Former Employee) says

"You can do your best work for years and they will never give you a raise I worked 8 years and never received a dime . please run from them .the manager was on drugsYou work hard and the manager get the bonuses for your workSlave camp"

Estimator (Former Employee) says

"Don't trust management, they are out there for themselves only and will step all over you so they can look good. No ethics or morals at this company including upper management. They will do whatever they can to make money. Very sad"

Parts Manager (Former Employee) says

"All they want is to use you up and expect you to accept it. They hire DILL HOLES for managers.No raises.I wouldn't"wreck o mend" anyone seek a job there. Unless you want little pay with no advancement."

Customer Service/ Accounting (Former Employee) says

"They put you on the job with little to no training and expect you will just know it all. somehow through osmosis. Then, they treat some employees better than of my co workers was taught more about his job i one hour than i was taught in 3 months!!! And my co worker was an idiot....did not understand a thing and can't even write or spell....yet he is still there. I am not there anymore. I was fired for explaining something to a customer in a respectful way but because they didn't want to accept my explanation , I was let go. I was told that was is answering a QUESTION UNPROFESSIONAL????? Don't waste your time...there are better places to work."

Painter (Former Employee) says

"They promise a guarantee in pay then forget all about it when doing payroll. very unprofessional company and wouldnt recommend anyone to work there. They lie and dont care about employees."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Everyone talks about each other behind their backs workers bash management general manager bashes higher management they use fowl language ants crawling all over desk area dirty floors overflowing garbage"

Head puppet (Former Employee) says

"Rules are made up day to day. They like to "suggest" you work on holidays and sundays month end. $ is not competitive with other shops. No raises EVER"

Parts Manager (Current Employee) says

"Full of lies and empty promises. Managers and anyone higher up dont care about you just what there numbers look like. Tell you you will get a raise to get gp up then tell you a different excuse after that. Save your time and choose a different job."

Production Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management only cares about themselves. Fires anyone who has better ideas then there own. They allow family to work together so it causes hostile work environment (they bring personal problems to work). WOW operation not followed & when you tell upper management why there is a problem, they just tell you to make it work or deal with it. No training and no time invested into you. other then they tell you to read a packet that outlines your job."

Estimator (Current Employee) says

"You can make good money here but you will no time to spend it. Market Managers power went right to his head. You are just a number here and not a person. You will get moved around to different locations because it's a business decision. They don't care about you and your personal life."

Shop Manager (Former Employee) says

"After 15 years working for a family owned shop owner retires and sells to Gerber. I decided to stay on and become a shop manager... Worst mistake of my life! 60 plus hrs a week, every Saturday. My immediate supervisor choose to belittle you on a daily basis. I had to lie to customer charging them for services they never received! Insurance fraud daily! Discrimination daily! Stay away!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The most terrible experience I ever endured. Very tacky Company to work for So much drama including management a lot of nit picking. Fake people really does exist in this workplace."

Automotive prep and paint (Former Employee) says

"The managers starved certain employees out of work, they pulled guarantees out from underneath fellow employees. They asked their employees to stay late to finish work after making them sit 6 hours at a time with very little or no work. Management has since been changed and is way better. After I left."

Lead toilet cleaner (Former Employee) says

"New management is a joke. No idea what they're doing. No loyalty. Pay is well below what similar companies pay. They use their employees and fire them without reason."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The managers here are awful. If your GM doesn't have it together, the DM will let them run the place to the ground. Close interpersonal relationships make it impossible to move up, and also very difficult to function on a day to day basis. Most of the employees are very petty, love to gossip, and the GM is just as bad as them. She is very petty, and will spread rumors about you to make herself look better. She also will make you do her job.but take credit for it."

Contractor (Current Employee) says

"Gerber believes that hiring temps is the best way to save money and to get through the growth it has experienced over the past few years. Contractors are hired at all levels of the organization and are rarely converted to FTEs. Communication is sub-par and unless you're a yes -person, you will quickly learn to become one if you want to stay. Current FTEs are underpaid and overworked, reporting to managers that would never survive outside this incredibly toxic environment."

Auto Body Technician (Former Employee) says

"Not the best collision center to every work for cause the don't payvyou on time when you first start and they suck at the hours, for your type of pay which I would say no one should work thereNice, peopleBad pay"

Parts Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I was fired from this job of 17 years and was falsely accused of something but management didn't give me the benefit of the doubt he chose to believe a employee that was with company no more than 6 months over me and all other coworkers even told them I did not do want this person said I did"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company treats its employees unfairly and has no interest in their well being. They create and uphold a hostile work environment. They under pay their employees and act like it's the end of the world if you do ask for a raise."

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